Environmental Perspective

As a responsible manufacturer of plastic film and bags, Roplast Industries is committed to supporting the conservation of the finite resources from which we make film. Sustainability is an important goal in product design and manufacturing. It is encouraged by the promotion of free-use and recycling, as well as by sensible product design, including introducing Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) whenever possible. To learn more about the federal trade commission's environmental marketing claims click here (FTC)

Roplast is also committed to using energy efficient and clean production processes which place as small a load as possible on the environment. We print with water-based inks without heavy metals to minimize air and water emissions, we recycle our scrap and waste whenever possible, we participate in Operation Clean Sweep and aim to prevent any resin pellets leaving our site.

Product design must take advantage of the many potential economic and environmental benefits of plastic film, including: low energy use, light weight, high strength, reusability, and protective properties. In this regard, we actively solicit requests from customers to work with them to design products and to improve the use of products so that the best results from an environmental point of view are achieved while economic and practical advantages are retained.

Roplast is in the forefront of the development of biodegradable films and the use of PCR in films.

Consistent with our commitment to minimizing the impact of our products and operations on the environment, Roplast Industries was a founding member of the certification program. Our plant was among the first to be certified by an independent auditor as following best manufacturing practices in terms of liquid and airborne emissions, the use of recycled materials, resin pellet control, and elimination of heavy metals. When our customers purchase plastic bags and film from Roplast theycan be sure that they are buying products which meet the highest international environmental standards. Our customers are encouraged to show their commitment to the environment by printing the SPP logo on their bags.

Read more about SPP at www.sustainablegreenproducts.org

Please refer to the following documents for further information about the environmental advantages of plastics, our policies and practices, and our products:

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  2. Roplast Environmental Perspective: Plastic vs Paper

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