Custom Shopping Bag Programs

Roplast Industries is a leader in the ordinance compliant field that will guide you as new legislation continue to expand across the country. Since the company's founding in 1990, Roplast has developed a well-earned reputation for product quality, manufacturing versatility, and sales service.

Our company manufactures a wide variety of sizes and styles with a strong emphasis on customizing each bag to the specific requirements of each customer. As a fully integrated manufacturer, Roplast produces each job from film extrusion to printing, converting and, finally, shipping. To facilitate nation-wide distribution, Roplast ships to regional warehouses and also maintains inventory management and delivery from our Oroville, CA and New Jersey Warehouse facilities.  Roplast takes advantage of numerous shipping agreements to facilitate shipping across the globe. From Direct Store Distribution to multiple container export, we have the knowledge and resources to effectively deliver your bags.

Roplast works closely with many of our retail customers to develop, test and produce custom film colors and finishes, plus special sizes and designs that require demanding multi-color presswork. Further, Roplast has the technical expertise to produce custom film blends that satisfy demanding environmental or legislative initiatives.  Other key features of the Roplast retail bag program include:

Ordinance Compliant Materials and Gauges:

Versatile Range of Retail Products:

  • Wave Top and Diecut bags made from durable thick/thin reinforced “patch” film with exceptional printing surfaces
  • Soft Loop Handle and Die-Cuts in a wide selection of commonly used styles
  • Mailer envelopes in a full range of sizes, colors, and closures
  • Woven Polypropylene square box style bags

Customized Inventory Management:

  • Specialized inventory reporting tailored to customer requirements.
  • Provide real-time inventory reports to maintain safe levels of inventory throughout the year
  • Work to ensure a consistent supply of bags throughout changing market conditions and seasonal needs.

Specialty Direct-to-Store Shipment and Warehousing Options:

  • Direct ship to one or numerous store locations
  • Track and maintain multiple SKU’s and incorporate other vendor product for seamless single point storage and shipping.
  • Customized web portal for easy ordering by part or SKU number
  • Short or long term warehousing
  • Time-sensitive courier and shipping options.

Roplast Bag Style Brochure

Custom Woven Poly Prop Brochure