Insert / Coupon

Option for co-op advertising. Corporations, magazines or retailers insert credit applications, ads or discounts. Using clear or colored film and fine print, bag costs are deferred.

Gauge: 1 – 6 mil
Width: 7” – 40”
Length: 7” – 29”
Gusset: Bottom gusset up to 8” or no gusset. Print in gusset.

Insert specifications:
Min: 3.875” x 2.5”
Max: 11.75” x 14”

Note on Gusset: The bottom gusset dimensions refer to the gusset lay flat. To determine the gusset face dimension, simply divide in half. For example, a gusset of 6" is equal to a face of 3". Gussets should be subtracted from maximum width or length specification.

Coupon Bag

Fold-over die-cut bag with or without perforated redemption coupon below the bottom seal. Often used in Halloween or other promotional programs.

Gauge: 1.25 – 4 mil
Width: 4” – 40”
Length: 10” – 27”
Gusset: No gusset.

Coupon specification: up to 4” tall