Standard Die-Cut & Fold Over Bags

Popular in the retail world, these bags can be manufactured with or without an oval, round or kidney shaped die-cut handle. This bag style can be produced with a side or bottom gusset or no gusset at all. These bags can also be made with a fold over for added handle reinforcement.

Gauge: .8 – 4 mil
Width: 4” – 51”
Length: 5” – 99”
Gusset: Side gusset up to 14”, bottom gusset up to 8” or no gusset. Print in gusset.

Note on Gusset: The bottom gusset dimensions refer to the gusset lay flat. To determine the gusset face dimension, simply divide in half. For example, a gusset of 6" is equal to a face of 3". The side gusset dimensions refer to the total of the two face measurements. For example, a gusset of 14" is equal to two faces of 7". Gussets should be subtracted from maximum width or length specification.