Import Production

Roplast is a global supplier of quality polyethylene carrier bags. Our facility in Chennai, India, was founded in 2005 and started with one extruder and a ten color rotogravure press.  As of 2012, the facility has expanded to six extruders and two presses. Since then, we have continuously focused on integrating our manufacturing techniques at our California plant with our plant in India. Our aim with our India facility has been to grasp the benefits of low-cost overseas production with our industry leading expertise back home.

The advantages of locating a plant in Chennai, India:

  • Duties:
    Polyethylene products manufactured in India enter the U.S. duty free, unlike those from other Asian countries.
  • Anti-Dumping Action:
    India is not subject to the Polyethylene Carrier Bag Anti Dumping Action and the related duties, which apply to China and other Asian countries.
  • Labor Documentation and employee Safety:
    The facility is located in an export zone in Chennai. Our personnel policies comply with the requirements of the Export Zone, which are established by the government to meet accepted international standards. This includes the implementation of safety programs and labor documentation. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to work at the plant.
  • Logistics:
    The plant is located 15 miles from the port of Chennai, which is the second largest port in India.

They concentrate on, but is not limited to, specialty bags, particularly those styles involving hand labor, such as: draw cord bags, backpack & shoulder tote bags, soft loop handle square bottom merchandise bags, tri-fold handle square bottom merchandise bags, and rope handle square bottom merchandise bags.  We also feature smooth patch and other die cut bag capabilities.

Current Bag Styles Available:

  • Hand Tied Draw Cord
  • Die Cut Square Bottom Shopper
  • Soft Loop Handle Square Bottom Shopper
  • Tri-Fold Handle Square Bottom Shopper
  • Rope Handle Square Bottom Shopper
  • Smooth Patch Reinforced Handles
  • Backpack and Shoulder Tote
  • Flush Cut
  • Side Gusset