Shoulder Tote/Back Pack

This unique style of bag offers additional creativity to the retailer.  Typically used in teen or young adult stores, often as a promotional item. Historically, Shoulder Tote and Backpack styles are widely reused and act as a billboard for the store/ promotion within the community.  Depending on lead time and string requirements, these products can be manufactured domestically or through our overseas facility.

Gauge: 1.25 – 5 mil
Width: 15” – 40”
Length: 12” – 27”
Gusset: Bottom gusset up to 8” or no gusset

Note on Gusset: The bottom gusset dimensions refer to the gusset lay flat. To determine the gusset face dimension, simply divide in half. For example, a gusset of 6" is equal to a face of 3". Gussets should be subtracted from maximum width or length specification.